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Passers and Capturers

Clapham film house and Quiet Voice led the participants to think about their shots as they were taking it in turns to film the interviews. Participants generated five short questions to ask the public as a means to generate vox pops for their film as an outcome.

Interviewing residence and passers by on Railton road has been a favorite activity among the group. When they learn that we are going out to do interviewing, there is a mad scramble to the door. Hassan is one of our keen interviewers who doesn’t hesitate to politely stop and invite passers by to participate in our project. With a little help he quickly gets his request across. He asks “What memory would you like to share about Railton Road?”  Depending on how much time the passer has he would ask “What would you want others to know?” and “What characterises the spirit of the road?” Likewise keen to hear and captheure the moment, Zen punctuates the work of the others with his beautiful background shots of the atmosphere and the group at work.

Front Line Party Interviews

198 Contemporary Arts and Learning hosted the 80th Birthday for 198 co-founder John ‘Noel’ Morgan, where attendees had deep connections with Railton Road. We took this amazing opportunity to record and photograph the old skool shubeen vibes, the love and the stories, some of which you can hear below. 

Pop Star interview -
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Alvin & Brian interview -
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Clarence Thompson interview -
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