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The Memex: Remixing the Archive 1988-2016

In 1945 American Inventor Vannevar Bush came up with the idea of the Memex. Bush's idea for the Memex included the ability to connect, add to and share associative trails of personal links to information. The Memex is credited as the inspiration for the first practical hypertext systems of the 1960s which led to the creation of the Internet.


Working with artist Gary Stewart (, a group of young people were part of a series of workshops, exploring political history and imaginary spaces using analog and digital technology to remix the archive at 198. The prototype was previewed at 198 on 02 Sept 2016 and displayed as part of Tate Exchange within the new Tate Modern Switch building on 12 February 2017.

Developed through workshops at 198 Contemporary and Learning, the young people used digital technology to tell stories and create original work. The work explores 198’s political and artistic history by remixing the organisation’s archive from 1988–2016

The workshops provideD the opportunity for young people to experiment and collaborate with emerging digital tools to create new exciting work that imagines a future 198 in relation to its unique place in the community and a changing global landscape.

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